We help biotech, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and fine chemicals companies reach their product, process and project goals.
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Recognizing that success comes from preparation, understanding and communication, we offer Extended Engineering Consulting Services to end user clients, on projects ranging from Engineering Assisted R&D, through Implementation phases and into Operation and Continuous Improvement. We offer all our Services to the full industry range: from API Production via Drug Product to Medical Devices


Concept/Strategy Studies

We can help you in the early stage and strategic assessment of business choices. Whether it is a green field facility, a revamp of existing production or a build/buy study.

Being independent and without ties to the contracting and execution side of CapEx we offer unbiased advice on cost, capacity, equipment vendor, choice of execution strategy and EPCm contractor etc. Furthermore, we will ensure the client side planning and “project readiness” is taken into account.

Critical Staff Services

Today agility in staffing pro- file is more important than ever – but also more difficult than ever. Changes in staff requirements are unavoidable as projects, leave of absence and job-rotation are a part of daily life.

For our core customers, we offer staff augmentation services with, typically, a very short lead-time. Staff levels range from junior production chemists to interim project directors as well as SME profiles.

Engineering Process Flow Management

We help clients maximize the impact of their project activities and to foster positive project experiences, especially in dealing with large EPCm contractors.

We do not offer project management as a stand-alone service – instead we aim to help in project flow management – with a production process perspective.
No two projects or client situations are identical. We tailor each approach to the given situation by first identifying the “project reality” and then assisting in the execution of a Client Side Execution Activity Plan.

Decision Science Services

In order to make the right decisions (business, capacity, planning etc.) it is vital to be able to make informed decisions. Our experts in production modelling and capacity simulation, help our clients in achieving this by applying industry standard methods to your data.

By basing plant models on real plant data and operations behaviour, we give our clients a decision platform allowing cheap and fast “what if” analysis of capacity changes, product portfolio shifts, changes in staffing profiles & equipment upgrades to mention just a few of the applications.

The Team

Peter M. Harper

Managing Partner

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Jesper C. Vedel

Managing Partner

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Søren M. Mailund

Associated Partner

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Alberto Quaglia

Associated Partner

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Lene Holmskov

Senior Principal Consultant

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Jesper Vejlgaard

Senior Principal Consultant

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Anne-Mette Bærentzen

Senior Principal Consultant

+45 2337 5363

Jan Kronborg Nielsen

Principal Consultant

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Frederik Wilbek

Principal Consultant

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Mia Jakobsen

Principal Consultant

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Rasmus Kirstrand

Principal Consultant

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Principal Consultant


Aslaug Axelsdottir


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Kasper Fjellerup


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Thomas Bisgaard


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Lasse Ellegaard Jørgensen


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Mads Grøndal Kreutzfeldt


+45 4046 9697

In addition to our permanent staff, our resource pool includes more than 10 of the most experienced freelancers within our line of business.

One or more of our freelancers will often be an integrated part of a project and solution team.

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